Why Us

It is under these wide skies and amongst the wild animals of this continent that everyone can feel truly at home.

About Villas and Africa We are a small owner-run company based in Cape Town and have been working in Africa’s wild places for the past 30 years. With our first-hand experience of Africa's finest wilderness destinations - both iconic and secret - you can trust us to help you select the best locations, best guides, and best experiences. We specialise in journeys for families and small groups that want a thoroughly flexible holiday and we can provide a full travel service and customise multi-destination itineraries. We do not charge for our service and more often than not our rates are better than what can be booked directly with these properties.

About villas Families and small groups thrive when they dictate the pace of their days. Dedicated teams of guides, chefs and housekeepers are at your service in these private safari and coastal homes. You will also benefit from having access to private vehicles. Many of these villas also have adjacent or nearby "mother" lodges which offer spas, outdoor bomas and additional facilities that allow for a change of pace. Of course, if being in a villa does not suit your requirements we are also able to book conventional lodges, hotels and resorts on Africa's islands. All of our villas are fully serviced with a compliment of chef, housekeepers and guides where necessary. All our villas are visited by us personally, and every image on our website is our own.

About wilderness and sustainability Our choice of villas will always be about the experience, it's location and proximity to wilderness areas. Most of the wildlife properties are adjacent to national parks in private conservation areas where you can be sure of the best wildlife experience far from popular tourist routes. Even our urban villas are those we think offer a more remote and relaxed environment. All of the villas have shown the highest dedication to conservation, fair trade and sustainability so you can ensure that you are contributing in some way to conservation of these areas and it's communities.

About standards The villas in this portfolio have been hand-picked by us and do not pay to be on our site. We strive to visit every property and to monitor standards and facilities to ensure you can rely entirely on our recommendation. Some of them offer the highest international standards while others offer more classical safari cuisine and experiences. Once we know more about you we can help you find the villa and the experience that most suits your needs.

About your itinerary Are you a first time visitor to Africa? When do you want to travel? Are you interested in birds, wildlife, landscapes? Are you most interested in seeing lions and leopards or gorillas? Do you want wilderness areas or beaches? What size is your group? What sort of holidays and activities do you enjoy? Contact us and we can help you to design your trip and find out more about your interests. Remember too it takes time to absorb the atmosphere of Africa's wild places. We suggest that you should never stay less than 3 or 4 nights in one place.

About Us

Jenni Saunders was driving Landrovers at Mombo in Botswana before she was 20 and has been a safari enthusiast ever since. Working at Portfolio of Places she assessed and graded hotels and safari lodges throughout Southern Africa and developed a keen eye for standards, eventually owning a five-star guest lodge in Knysna. She helped developed Africa Geographic Travel and became Commercial Director of the same company before moving on to assist Wilderness Safaris in their creative direction. Our children Liam and Dane  have been travelling into Africa's wild places with us since they were two. They have proved that Africa is the finest destination possible for small children and helped encourage and shape the direction of Villas and Africa – a collection of special places where families can enjoy the wilderness without fitting into the time structures and requirements of other guests. They have also shown which lodges merely allow young children and which of them truly welcome them and treat them as the important visitors that they are. There is a strong focus on children in this business as we believe that conservation and appreciation of the wilderness starts with the younger generation.

David Rogers (whose images and opinions are showcased here) was a staffer at Getaway, a writer and photographer for Africa Geographic and many of the world's top magazines. He has written hundreds of magazine articles and dozens of books including five on safari lodges throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. He has been tour operating and leading small photographic groups on safari for the past seven years and knows these areas intimately. For more on his work and photographic expeditions visit : www.davidrogers.co.za