Alphonse Island Villas, Seychelles

Why we love it:

There really is nowhere quite like it. Alphonse Island is one of the remote pristine outer islands off the Seychelles, offering some of the best snorkelling,diving and salt water fly-fishing in the world. Avid fishermen travel from all over the planet to test their skills on the flats. But in truth, it is a lot more than a fishing destination. We had extraordinary natural experiences above and below the ocean that were unparalled anywhere we have been to. Morning swims with hawks bill turtles, snorkeling on reefs teeming with life, walking with giant tortoises, snorkelling with mantas – it’s all possible and likely in the rich waters around Alphonse. We love that this incredibly rich natural island system is being conserved and managed sustainably.

What to expect:

The heart of the resort is the bar and restaurant and huge swimming pool. Every evening the bar is where stories are shared and fishing successes are rewarded. There is a small spa, a cinema, tennis court and gym. There are various types of accommodation, ranging from A-frame cabins to private villas.The two private villas each have 4 en suite bedrooms and accommodate 8 adults. The villas are open plan around their own pool and have wi-fi, minibar, kayaks and bicycles for the entire family. Each villa has access to the hotel facilities including the Spa, PADI dive centre and fishing charters. Food is fresh and light – with a focus on fish, and salads from their gardens. Villa guests can choose to eat at the villa or at the beach restaurant.

What to do:

Expect some of the best snorkeling, fly-fishing and scuba diving anywhere in the world. You can explore the island by bicyle and stop at the vegetable gaden to enjoy a smoothy. Watch turtles hatch and look at sting rays swimming in shallow lagoons. Professional guides arrange educational walks on the reef flats, and guided tours of the palm forest. There is also a spa - or you can have treatments at your own villa. With no vehicles on the Island the island can be explored by foot, bicycle, or electric golf carts. Experience an ancient tortoise colony, nesting turtles, and an array of marine life including magnificent whales and sailfish. The main resort has tennis and other activities. A favourite is the beach bar where guests meet for cocktails at sunset.

Kids :All kids will revel in the warm water and long beaches and all ages are very welcome. If you visit during the summer months (Anytime between October and March) children may experience turtles hatching on the beaches. There is no formal kids club, but staff are available to do a range of fun activities with them that include learning about the natural world around them.

The good news:

There are no motorised vehicles on the island and exploration is by foot, bicycle or electric cart. The island is a natural sanctuary and to preserve the pristine ecosystem, a strict catch-and-release policy applies to all land-caught species of fish. The resident ICS ( island conservation society)– monitor and study the fauna and flora on the island and under the water.

When to go:
Alphonse promises year round summer days with temperatures never dropping below below 21°C. Summer months are best to avoid the wind. It is exceptionaly hot and humid in summer from December to March.

How to get there:
Alphonse Island is linked to the core infrastructure network of Mahé by daily schedule flights (±60 minutes) or private charter flights.

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