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All the marketing material I have ever seen for Seychelles has focused on its leaning palms, white sand and topaz waters – so my biggest surprise were the forests clinging to the granite hills like a brilliant green skirt. I fell instantly for these verdant forests on Mahe: tangled heart-vines, strange flowers, groves of cinnamon trees and flat topped Albizias. It feels like a story book forest, complete with white Frigate birds winging overhead, giant tortoises and fuit bats, leaves like small canoes and tumbling springs of fresh water . So alive, with a hot steamy breath.

Birkenhead Memories

David: When I was a child the Birkenhead in Hermanus was a simple family hotel and we used to peer wide eyed through the windows as farming folk enjoyed 'sakkie sakkie' music and their Saturday night 'langarm' dances. Whenever I return to Hermanus I am filled with these memories and others of exploring the mountains, collecting mussels and fishing at the historic harbour. The old hotel where I watched dancing farmers as a child, burnt down in the 90s, and was bought by the Biden Family as their holiday escape.