Archived stories 2017


All the marketing material I have ever seen for Seychelles has focused on its leaning palms, white sand and topaz waters – so my biggest surprise were the forests clinging to the granite hills like a brilliant green skirt. I fell instantly for these verdant forests on Mahe: tangled heart-vines, strange flowers, groves of cinnamon trees and flat topped Albizias. It feels like a story book forest, complete with white Frigate birds winging overhead, giant tortoises and fuit bats, leaves like small canoes and tumbling springs of fresh water . So alive, with a hot steamy breath.

Colina Verde Machangulo Reserve

The Northern reaches of Mozambique’s coastline is best known for its azure waters, white beaches and great resorts. As seasoned travellers, discovering the unspoilt wlderness of the Machangulo peninsula in the South, was a real wonder. Situated adjacent to Inhaca and Portugeuse islands in the Bay of Maputo, the long narrow peninsula is flanked by the calmness of the bay on one side and the wildness of the warm Indian Ocean on it’s Eastern side, and the Maputo Speical reserve in the South.